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Reaching millions of people through search engine marketing has become a significant component of digital marketing that helps boost businesses. Clicksaavi offers professional SEM services in Calicut because we are the top SEM business in Calicut. SEM is used to advertise and promote your website in order to increase traffic and visibility on search engine results pages. Goals will be established, and progress, accomplishments, and demographic data will be tracked. As the best SEM expert in Calicut, I’m here to help you expand and achieve achievements for your company.


Why choose Clicksaavi for best SEM services in Calicut

Do you want the finest SEM outcomes? then proceed to the best SEM expert in Calicut. Clicksaavi  has established itself as the top SEM provider in Calicut. Data is what motivates me, so I use Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and other social media platforms to process the data. I lead the business because of the individualized services I provide to each of my clients. As the SEM consultant in Calicut, you may trust me to handle your search engine marketing without worrying. You’ll get better outcomes; that’s my promise.

Here are some of the procedures I use to enhance your lead quality.

  • Keyword analysis: How much traffic a website can expect to receive depends on the correct keyword. As a SEM specialist, I will research the best keywords to rank your website.
  • Market Analysis: An essential component of keyword research is market research. It can inform you of the most effective keywords, including those that your rivals are using and those that they are not. Based on your business needs, I will do keyword research for you to select the best phrase.
  • Management of Ad Campaigns: I unify a number of interconnected concepts into a single concept. An advertising campaign often uses a variety of media outlets for distribution. It might focus on one or a few brands.
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) Services: Calicut-based A well-known pay-per-click service provider is Clicksaavi. PPC is an internet marketing strategy based on clicks that are subsequently qualified.

Our SEM Service Includes

Keyword Research and Strategy

Improve your internet search engine marketing campaign by finding the proper keywords. Based on search intent, value, volume, and the distinctiveness of your brand offerings, As the SEM specialist in Calicut in order to grow your keyword list and find keyword themes that support the click behavior of your target clients, we also undertake competitor benchmarking.


I launch remarketing campaigns to create ongoing reminders of your brand offerings and get more cost-effective results. As the SEM expert in Calicut, I set up your remarketing codes, target specific visitor segments, and create relevant ad copies that entice high-value prospects to click through and explore what your brand has to offer. Whether you need help with text-based ads or YouTube video ads, our YouTube marketing company has got you covered.

Social Media Paid Advertising

Display your ads on popular social media platforms and target specific audience segments that have high purchasing intent. As your trusted search engine marketing consultant in Calicut, I provide integrated social media paid advertising and YouTube video marketing services to boost your brand exposure and attract more prospects. Clicksaavi launches text-based, image, and video ads and leverages social media analytics to track campaign performance.

Landing Page Conversion

With assistance from Clicksaavi, a skilled SEM consultant in Calicut, convert website visitors into quality leads, create content that is keyword-driven for your target personas, employ compelling headlines and CTAs, and insert distinctive imagery that appeals to your ideal customers. In order to elicit an emotional response from your page visitors and increase conversions, I carefully position the items on your landing page.

Amazon PPC

Utilize Amazon-sponsored advertisements to gain the most visibility and impressions. As a search engine marketing specialist, I will optimize your Amazon PPC keyword plan, modify bids based on ad placements, and design ad campaigns based on the effectiveness of your products. I test different campaign parameters and keep track of your advertising cost per sale (ACoS), ad performance, and sales to create Amazon PPC campaigns that attract new customers and boost your brand's sales.

Paid Search Advertising

According to statistics, when given relevant, interesting material, roughly 41% of customers will click on an advertisement. With affordable sponsored search advertising and YouTube marketing services, you can increase your lead generation and get results right away. To raise your quality score and ad rank, I do in-depth keyword research, develop ad group segmentation based on search intent, identify negative keywords, produce compelling ad copy, and monitor visitors from paid searches.

Choose your perfect plan

Choose from our affordable SEM packages to help your business rank on search engines and get ahead of your competition. Our packages are customized to meet your needs and budget.


₹15K/per month

Great for small-medium businesses looking for more advanced SEM techniques.

√ Keyword Research
√ Campaign Control
√ Brand Recognition
√ Improve Convertion rate


₹20K/per month

For larger businesses looking to expand their online presence on a more competitive scale,

√ Keyword Research
√ Advanced Campaign Control
√ Landing page convertion
√ Monthly performance report


As per plan

We offer custom and affordable SEM packages that meet the business requirements of every client.

√ Tailored services based on your specific needs
√ Ad budget Management
√ Priority Chat support

FAQs About Our SEM Packages

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to address the most common inquiries.

A search engine marketing expert is someone who has the knowledge of search engine rankings needed to create a plan that would push a website to the top of sponsored and organic search results. By doing this, they advertise the business by drawing new users to the website, fostering customer loyalty, and creating a distinct brand identity.

Displaying advertisements to users who have already interacted with your website or brand is known as remarketing, or retargeting. A best SEM specialist in Calicut You may target a more engaged audience, raise brand awareness, and encourage conversions via remarketing. 

It is impossible to emphasize how beneficial SEM is to businesses. Because so many people use search engines like Google to find goods and services, businesses can better reach their target market by implementing a solid search engine marketing plan.

Businesses may increase their online visibility, draw more traffic to their websites, and eventually increase sales with the aid of SEM.

A metric called a SEM quality score is used to assess how well an advertisement performs in relation to the landing page and search terms.

Search engines utilize a quality score that is based on variables like landing page experience, ad relevancy, and click-through rate (CTR). Improved campaign performance, reduced cost per click, and higher ad rankings can all be attained with a higher quality score. To guarantee a high-quality score, it is crucial to optimize your landing pages, keywords, and advertisements.


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