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How to Increase Sales using GMB Optimization

Clicksaavi  Blog: How to Increase Sales using GMB profile Optimization by Top Digital Marketing Specilaist


Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business, is an intuitive tool that helps companies and organizations manage their online presence on Google after a significant redesign. You can change your company information and authenticate your establishment to make it easier for people to locate you.

Would you like to know one of the easiest strategies to get more clients and traffic? It’s the process of making your Google My Business (GMB) listing more optimized. You can list your company’s operational details, customer feedback, blog entries, and much more on GMB.

Before attempting to declare your company on Google, you ought to think about: i.e., when potential clients look for your company online, what do they discover? and how readily they get our company details before getting onto our website.

As an illustration, let’s examine Clicksaavi’s GMB listing. Clicksaavi is a freelancer in digital marketing located in Calicut that can assist you in growing your online presence and engaging with your target market. With only a few clicks, you can check the services, contact information, directions, and reviews directly from their GMB profile.

According to a study that counted click-throughs for every Google search result, the top three organic results on the first page accounted for about 70% of all clicks. People who click on ads are 50% more likely to make a purchase. And also, the thing is, 80% of users can’t tell the difference between organic and paid results.

Need to Optimize GMB profile

    • Engage with prospective clients and maintain your reputation via online reviews.

    • Manage, organize, and present relevant business data

    • Organize client images, videos, and other content created by users.

How to set up a GBM profile

    1. Enter your company’s basic information, including the name and type of business, address, phone number, and website.

2. You’ll need to provide account verification. A video of your company is requested; otherwise, you can decide to check afterwards.

3. You may enter your dashboard to make changes to your profile after inputting information about your organization.

Most companies make this mistake. They set up a very basic Google My Business account, which is not a good method to build your company’s presence. Try including as much information as you can.

    • Your Services and Hours of Operation

    • Add vibrant pictures that highlight the features.

    • A description of your business

How to Optimize your GMB profile

The next step is to ensure that your GBP page is optimized and that all pertinent business information has been entered after you have put it up and claimed it for your company. Consider concentrating on your USPs and the advantages you have over competing businesses. There are numerous ways for clients to find your company.

    1. Get Your Description Right

Your GBP description can be up to 750 characters, but it’s important to get the most important information in the first few sentences. Try to include 2-3 relevant keywords that best describe your business. You can use the description to give readers an overview of what your company does.

2. Know Your Target Audience:

You can adjust your business description to your target audience’s demands and interests by getting to know them.

3. Highlight your USP:

What makes your company stand out from its competitors? Emphasize the distinctive qualities, offerings, or services that set you apart.

4. Add Posts to Your Google Business Profile

You may increase interest by creating and sharing posts on your Google Business Profile. Both Google search and map results will display the content. You only need to go to your GBP and create a new post in order to add one. You have the option to submit an image, type up to 300 words, or create an event title that includes the start and end dates. Then, you have the chance to include a call to action with a selection of buttons that include “Learn more,” “Reserve,” “Sign up,” “Buy,” and “Get Offer.”

5. Robust call-to-activity

Point your audience in the direction of the desired activity, be it visiting your website, contacting you, or completing a purchase. Incorporate action verbs and a lively atmosphere.

6. Frequently Add Pictures

Even though you’ve already contributed key photographs like your team, your logo, and the outside and inside of your company, post as many pictures as you can. By doing this, Google will see that you are active and give you preference when it comes to appearing higher in local or map search results.

7. Make strategic use of Keywords

To improve your Google My Business profile. This draws in the proper audience and increases your presence in search results. Research keywords and use them in alt tags, titles, descriptions, and other content.

8. Collect Reviews and Respond to Reviews

Get business reviews if you want to appear higher in search and map results. Reviews are an important component of a company’s local search ranking because they serve as genuine indicators of what customers genuinely think about it. And also, in order to show your customers that you care about them and their experience with your company, make sure you reply to all of your reviews, favorable and negative. This will also assist other clients in developing faith in your brand.


GMB offers a way to interact with your customers through postings and reviews, aids with local SEO, and gives you useful information about how your consumers are making purchases. Google My Business presents your company’s key details to prospective clients who are searching for your experience, service, or goods. To get the most out of this complimentary and helpful resource, utilize this article as a checklist for optimizing your Google My Business listing.

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